Do you have availability on my desired dates? 

Check our listings on AIrbnb. We do not help you book the cottages and do not take bookings via another method other than Airbnb.

Can I stay only one night? 

We do not provide single nights under any circumstance. 

Do you host weddings? What about rehearsal dinners? 

We do not host weddings or any parties of any size or situation..  Sorry. There are plenty of great venues nearby for weddings and often the families choose to stay here thanks to the proximity. 

Can I bring my very small dog? 

We do not allow pets of any size. You can try https://www.sheepdung.com/ who allow dogs. 

But it is a really small dog? 


Do you have good wine glasses?  

We provide inexpensive glassware. If you are a true wine aficionado, we recommend you bring stemware. 

Can I book both cottages? 

You can but, again, we don’t take payment over the phone. You’ll need to just book both cottages on the site. 

Can I split the payment with a friend?

We do not arrange for split payments. If you need to split with friends, try an app like Venmo that doesn’t charge a transaction fee. 

Where can I eat nearby? 

There are restaurants in Cloverdale and Boonville all of which close early and so when you come up to make sure you have food with you if you are arriving later. Both are at least 20 minutes driving. 

What should I bring? 

I would say the most important things to not forget are these: 

  • Food and everything you need for any recipes you have
  • Ice
  • Charcoal
  • A warm jacket for evenings 
  • Good stemware if you are a wine drinker 
  • Books to read, games to play